More Runes…

I’ve enlivened two sets of runes today – one the black tumble stones Futhark set I made last week:


The other set is the Futhorc in black acrylic paint with blue ‘stained glass’ highlights, done on frosted clear glass, though Gar opted to be on clear glass without the frosting:


They also called for different altar ‘furniture’ for the two rituals – this often happens. The process of enlivening, calling the power of the runes into the materials used, always shares some aspects – I always have fire, alcohol and incense and usually there’s a crystal wand involved – but often the incense burner is different, or a different wand is required, or another crystal may wish to be present. Sometimes the alcohol is mead, though this time it’s a Cabernet Sauvignon (called Dark Horse!).

Living shamanism can’t be done on an assembly line!

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