As a shaman and a Reiki Master/Teacher, I offer both distance and in-person healing.

In-person Shamanic Counselling or Healing JourneyUnavailable at present due to Covid-19

Shamanic Counselling online – a 2 hour initial Zoom session, conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home via Zoom video call, with 1 hour follow up sessions. Initial session £150, follow up sessions £75 each.

Distance Shamanic Healing – I can connect with your soul remotely to offer energy healing either on a one-off basis or as a regular weekly or monthly session. Ideal as a follow-up to an in-person or Zoom meeting but can also stand alone. £75

Hands-on Reiki session (approximately 1 hour) – Unavailable at present due to Covid-19

Distance Reiki session (full one-on-one remote healing lasting approximately an hour) – £50.

Distance Reiki (List) – a group healing that is conducted via my Reiki Crystal Grid, which means you receive reiki energy 24/7. Price is for 1 week on the Grid – £30

Animal Healing Session – this is an hour’s meeting for you at my home in the presence of a wide range of animals, where you can establish a therapeutic relationship with their healing energy. Unavailable at present due to Covid-19.

Requests for healing and rune work should be submitted via email to beansidhedrumcraft@gmail.com. Payment is via Paypal – I will invoice you once we have discussed your needs and agreed on the appropriate course of action. 

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