About Me

I’m a shaman of a native British tradition, a Rainbow Warrior, and have been working as a shaman, healer and teacher for the past fifteen years. I’m also a reiki master, with a Master Teacher certificate from the Reiki Training Centre, and a runemaster. Some of the runic talismans and rune sets I craft are available through the for sale pages here from time to time, along with drums and beaters.
I live in Aberdeenshire, in north-east Scotland, where I am currently owned by a pair of mad whippets, Wicket and Rocket, seven ferrets – Bane, Ajax, Achilles, Angus, Marley, Holly and Ivy – 4 horses – Poppy and her daughter Dancer, Abe and my pride and joy, a Suffolk Punch gelding named George, two geese and an ever-varying number of quail and rex rabbits. I am the mother of an adult daughter, currently away most of the time at university, and share my life with my own mother, who has spent most of her life teaching first in a primary school, then music, and later textile crafts, particularly spinning and weaving – a lifelong training for me, along with my shamanic teacher, Elen Sentier, that helped bring me to crafting shamanic drums.

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