Rune Work

As well as the Rune Courses, I also offer rune readings (divination) and can prepare and empower bind runes to smooth your life’s path, from helping heal to welcoming you to a new home to assisting in finding a new job!

Rune reading – basic. Calling on the Three Norns, the Fates, I draw three runes from either the Futharc (the Elder Runes) or the Futhork (the Anglo-Saxon Runes). These help to divine the past (the circumstances leading to the current situation), the present and the future (your suggested course of action or outcome). Each rune may require a further draw of three runes to help give more detail. You will receive a full written report via email. £50.

Rune Reading – The Full Monty. Calling on the Three Norns in a ritual setting derived from records of ancient practices, I will draw a series of runes from either the Futharc or Futhork (your choice) to delve deeply into the  past, present and future, providing insight and guidance. You will receive a full written report via email. £75.

Bind Runes – Calling on the energies that underlie the Runes, I can craft a Bind Rune to link those energies to your life to overcome obstacles, protect against unwanted energies or invite new energies into your presence.  Each Bind Rune is devised to suit your unique circumstances, pyrographed by hand on ethically sourced wood, empowered in ritual and posted to you, together with a detailed explanation of its makeup and function. Sizes can vary from small (suitable for personal wear as a necklace) to large (plaques suitable to place in your home) and prices vary accordingly.  £50-100 per Bind Rune.


All requests for healing and rune work should be submitted via email to I will invoice via Paypal once we have agreed on the appropriate course of action. 


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